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1.1.1It’s the key word for the technology we use.

Imagine an animal getting dirty. Most likely it shakes off all the dirt and gets clean immediately. Normally, fur and skin of healthy animals are ready to extreme situations, that’s why it’s so easy for them to recover their original look.To keep that ability, animals should get enough nutritive components, vitamins and microelements with food.

In fact, natural materials that we clean response exactly like animals do. To protect fur or leather from dirt, we give them the same nutrition with our products. The material gets more strength and vital energy and resists the harmful environment itself.

1.1.2In fact, it’s a fresh herbal cosmetics for our clothes. Or, how we like to call it, «flower chemistry».

1.1.0All by hand

1.1.1Salad balms and caring cloth are created for handwork only: it helps to control all the process, choose the right solution or change it if something goes wrong.

Moreover, to start working with our balms dry-cleaners need to have a table and a brush. It’s so simple to begin!

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