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1.1.0Salad is a brand of unique botanical waters for fur, leather and textile care. We revived recipes and technologies of currying and restoration that were known centuries ago and contained only natural and safe components like herbs, roots and flower extracts and turned them into a brand-new cleaning system using all the knowledge we got since the world had gone mad about technical progress.

1.1.1Our botanical waters are supposed to become an ultimate solution for those who want to keep their clothes looking perfect with making no harm to health and ecology. All Salad products gently but effectively clean, revive and protect garments from exposure to the weather or human activity and consist of water, botanical extracts, oils and vitamins only.

1.1.2We believe that being respectful to the world is the key to success. This principle is reflected not only in our products but also in an attitude towards our clients. We have built a business-friendly company to make all the operations easier for our customers — from purchasing to client support.

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