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Since the 1930s clothes have being cleaned with perluxe — common solvent which is less harmful than petrochemicals and vinegar that were used before. But the main problem of the dry-cleaning method is still the same: it’s impossible to use water to wash perluxe out. It means that chemicals leave traces on your clothes and slowly erode the material.

Salad waters can be washed out easily or, if being used for delicate material like fur, make no harm staying on garments. All the components we put in our products nourish fur, leather and fibers and make clothes look brand-new for years and years if cared properly.

It means that the only reason for throwing your garment away can be the fact that you are bored with it.


Not only dirt can be the cause of feeling worse. Chemical agents, widely used by dry-cleaners, can leave their traces on the material, contact with the skin and get into the lungs with our breath. As a result, our bodies can respond with irritation, headache, sleepiness and allergy.

Salad products contain only natural ingredients that are also used in cosmetic industry and known for their healing properties (soapwort, camomile, wild rose, grape seeds, celandine, nettle, ginseng and others).

Moreover, 10 of 10 dry-cleaning operators, who work with Salad balms, have noticed that they get sick more seldom, their hair and nails grow faster and look better.


All Salad waters are made of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. It means no insoluble matter gets to water and soil.

The highly concentrated Salad balms allow us to use less plastic bottles for packaging them. 200 ml of the concentrate is enough to prepare 200 litres of the water solution that, in turn, is enough to clean 200 fur coats.

1.1.3Cleaning with our products is meant to be done only by hand. It helps to save a huge amount of electricity (up to 60%) and water (up to 57%).


Despite the fact that we help people to care of their fur and leather garments, Salad waters save thousands of animals from the extermination.

We do believe that keeping old sweet stuff is better than buying new clothes again and again. Our products can bring back to life any old shabby coat that can look gorgeous, so no one needs to buy a new one. This reviving effect lasts for years and it’s real to hand down your leather jacket to your grandchildren.

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